And the award for best costume goes to…

One of my favorite Halloween pastimes is checking out how celebs and their kids celebrated Halloween. You’re always sure to see some outrageous costumes and outlandish parties. Who am I kidding, I’m a little jealous.

First off, we’ve got to give mad props to Lauren Conrad for always coming up with amazingly creative Halloween costumes that aren’t over the top sexy like so many starlets these days. It’s almost like she has a whole team of people to help her 😉 And her DIY Mermaid costume this year is AMAZING.

US weekly did a great job of rounding up some of the cutest celebrity kid/family costumes. The best (I mean maybe all time best ever) kids costume award has got to go to little Pearl Osbourne (daughter of Jack Osbourne) as the Princess of Darkness. When you’re the son of Ozzy Osbourne, what else would you dress your child as for Halloween? I’m hoping next year she rocks a cute red pixie like Grandma Sharon.

Pearl Osbourne Halloween

photo courtesy of US weekly

And then, saving the best for last, there are the epic celebrity costume fails. For some reason, celebrity costume fails are just so much better than the awkwardly awful costumes worn by us common folk. My personal favorite is Julianne Hough’s Crazy Eyes from OITNB costume from 2013 (which she promptly apologized for). I get the timeliness and I don’t think she meant it to be offensive but why not choose to go as Piper? Just sayin’…

Now it’s your turn. What were your favorite celebrity (and non-celebrity costumes)?


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