10 things I learned from Pinterest

Hi, my name is MacKensey and I’m addicted to Pinterest. There. I said it. I get some kind of weird high by pinning stylish outfits, enticing recipes, kids activities, party ideas, DIY home décor projects…The list goes on and on and on. I just can’t help myself.

10 things I learned from Pinterest

Over the past 2 years I’ve accumulated nearly 6,000 pins but I’ve only actually made/done/worn about 1-2% of the things I’ve pinned. I always have good intentions, but usually lack the time, money, talent or motivation to make them happen. However, I do feel like I’ve learned a lot from my addiction to adventures in pinning.

10 things I learned from Pinterest:

  1. Kids’ birthday parties must include elaborate themes, including homemade cake pops, handmade favors, paper lanterns or bunting, a tiered cake, custom invites and color coordinated EVERYTHING.
  2. Perfectly effortless beach waves can be achieved by anyone who watches a video tutorial.
  3. A person can make anything from a palette (as long as that person isn’t me).
  4. Everyone dresses their kids in color coordinated outfits with matching hair accessories.
  5. Making your own fruit snacks and granola bars is a lot of work makes you a better parent.
  6. You can have your cake and eat it, too (and it will be gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and include 2 servings of veggies).
  7. Everyone is better dressed than me.
  8. Add spray paint and glitter to anything to make it fancy (except your children).
  9. Never throw away an empty toilet paper roll. You never know when you’ll need it for a kid craft or life hack.
  10. If you make food into the shape of animals or dinosaurs, kids will eat their vegetables.

OK seriously, a lot some of the stuff you see (and pin) on Pinterest is completely ridiculous and unachievable (just check out these epic Pinterest fails). Don’t let it make you feel like you’re not living up to Pinterest’s expectations. Who does Pinterest think they are anyways? Just do you, and occasionally make your kids animal shaped pancakes, because everyone loves pancakes.

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{Happy Pinning}



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