Christmas with kids: Decking the halls

Christmas with kids: Decking the halls
I LOVE Christmas! It’s my absolute favorite time of the year! While I’ve always been a big fan of the holidays, now that I have two sweet little girls, it’s even more fun (and a big change from the old days).

Christmas BK (before kids) was all about holiday parties (fun cocktails and cute outfits), drinking several bottles of champagne on Christmas Eve, sleeping in on Christmas morning and gorging yourself on food and drink in the afternoon on Christmas Day.

Christmas AK (after kids) is all about holiday recitals, homemade ornaments, Elf on the Shelf, visits to Santa, assembling toys on Christmas Eve (with the help of champagne) and waking up REALLY early on Christmas morning to see what Santa brought this year (parents get no credit).

Despite the shift from old traditions to new, I love sharing holiday experiences with my family, like decorating our house and the tree.

I’m a very type A (on the verge of OCD) person and I like things to be done a certain way. I like color coordinated decorations, all white lights and not a lot of clutter. My children don’t seem to share the same design aesthetic as me. They don’t care that mom has a panic attack when there are two of the same color bulb right next to each other (I may or may not rearrange things after they go to bed). I’ve learned that in order to enjoy decorating the house with my children, I have to tell the OCD part of me to take a chill pill (or drink a glass of wine) and get over it.

We’ve also adopted a fake tree the past couple years in order to prevent any major toddler-induced tree disasters (because chewing on fake pine needles is so much better than real pine needles). I do miss the smell of a real tree, but not the mess and watering business.

Anyways, enough about me and my OCD tendencies. On to the sharing! And yes these photos were all taken in the dark to highlight the glowing effect of the white Christmas lights and downplay the cobwebs, dust and general messiness.

Our dining room doesn’t offer a lot of room for decorating, especially since anything sitting on the dining room table is free game to my girls (learned that from a game of catch with scented pine cones and Christmas ornaments). We usually keep our decor to the little shelf in the back of the room. This year it includes mini trees, a lantern, a cute Happy Holiday sign, and a basket of ornaments and scented pinecones, all strung with white lights.

Dining Room | Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

Our mantel decor includes our family stockings, some faux garland, white lights and a few ornaments.

Mantel | Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

And now for the tree. I’ve let go of my color coordinated, Martha Stewart tree dreams and given into the chaos that is homemade ornaments and those we’ve collected from trips over the past few years. Breakable ornaments go on the top and those more kid-friendly plastic and homemade ornaments adorn the bottom (and get rearranged daily by my decorators-in-training).

The Tree | Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

The back is where I let my OCD self take control and hang the red and gold balls that don’t fit with the mish mash of ornaments on the front.

Ornamentsl | Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

And of course you have to include a few ornaments for the husband (he was in charge of making strong warm cider cocktails during the tree decorating portion of the evening – such a good man). This leg lamp ornament (from Christmas Story) was a gift from me last year because I refused to get him an actual leg lamp (I have to draw the line somewhere people). He also loves the red and white Santa face ornaments that cover the front of our tree, the golf-tags-turned-ornaments from some of his favorite courses and the many Oregon Duck bowl game commemorative ornaments.

Leg Lamp Ornament | Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

And how could I not include this photo of my little un-decorator. She loves taking the ornaments off and playing with them but hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to rehang them (and that’s why the breakables go up top).

The Tree Un-decorater| Macaroni and Mascara Holiday Decor

I hope you’re enjoying the season with your family and embracing new traditions. How do you get your little ones involved with holiday decorating?

Want more about Christmas with kids? Read about our visit with Santa (and how I almost ruined it).

{It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas}

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2 thoughts on “Christmas with kids: Decking the halls

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  2. Haha I love your leg lamp ornament. I’d have a hernia if my husband wanted to put it on the tree, it doesn’t match the decor! I’ve had to loosen the reigns as well on my OCD craziness. slow down and have fun with life. 🙂

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