How a bell ringer reminded me to count my blessings

How a bell ringer reminded me to count my blessings

Yesterday was one of those days. The days where you feel like you’re failing at everything. Failing at being a mom. Failing at being a wife. Failing at being good to yourself. Failing at life.

I won’t go into details but it was one of those days where nothing went according to plan, which for a planner like me is SO frustrating.

After a hectic day, I realized I had to go to the store to get something I forgot for dinner. And I had to take the girls, which as any parent knows, can easily turn a simple trip to the store into a full blown blown disaster. I was not in the mood to deal with my own kids let alone a store full of strangers.

As we rush into the store and I frantically try to get both kids into the cart, a sweet little old lady ringing the Salvation Army bell asked if the girls wanted to ring the bell. Both girls started squealing so I didn’t have much of a choice unless I wanted a double meltdown.

I pushed the cart over to her and each girl took a turn ringing the bell. The woman looked at me and said ‘you’re a working mom huh?’ I guess she could tell by the fact that I was wearing a dress? ‘Oh yeah I am’ I responded ready to get on with my shopping.

‘Make sure you spend time with them, too’ she said pointing at my little monsters girls. I smiled and said ‘Oh yeah’, gave my best fake smile and stalked off to the produce section. I so badly wanted to punch this innocent little old lady but I knew she was right. Oh how I hate when other people are right!!!

As much as I wanted to continue on with my sour mood, going all Towanda (Fried Green Tomatoes style) and running people over with my shopping cart, I couldn’t help but think about what the lady had said. She was spot on. I am so blessed to have two happy healthy little girls and a supportive husband. No matter how bad my day turns out, I am still the luckiest girl in the world and recognizing that could (and should) wash away any bad mood.

So despite my ‘FU’ feelings towards my day and the people around me, I slowed down and chatted with my girls about their day while we collected the items we needed from the store, sang Christmas carols with them in the car on the drive home and played with them a bit while making dinner.

I was still exhausted (what mom isn’t) but that sweet little old lady definitely made me turn my frown upside down. I kind of wanted to go back and hug her (though that would violate so many of my personal boundaries). Sometimes you just need a little reminder about what’s really important so you can forget what’s really not.

And don’t forget to thank the Salvation Army bell ringers this holiday season.

{Hug your family today}


7 thoughts on “How a bell ringer reminded me to count my blessings

  1. Isn’t it funny how the most unsuspecting person can stop you in your tracks? I’ve been convicted many times about my grumbling heart from perfect strangers. And, like you, I’m thankful when I’m redirected and reminded to count my blessings. Have a restful weekend, mama!


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