My favorite things: Cozy pajamas

My favorite things: Cozy pajamas

I love being in my pajamas! If it were socially acceptable, I would wear them 24/7. The second I get home, it’s comfy clothes on. Lately, I’ve noticed that my current selection of pajamas is pretty weak. It pretty much consists of old black yoga pants (all of which are a size or two too big and have a hole somewhere in them) and old shelf bra tanks with baggy hoodies. Not cute at all.

I decided that for Christmas this year, I’m going to give myself some cute new (holiday and non-holiday) pajamas so I don’t feel quite so frumpy while lounging around at home (and so I’m not terrified of answering my door while in said pajamas). I’ll also be adding a few pajama options that I think my husband will appreciate, but we don’t need to talk about those.

Here are the pajamas I’m loving right now:

The Fireside Long Jane Pajamas, Victoria’s Secret – these are seriously adorable (and they’re from VS so they qualify as a little sexy, too). The winter fair isle print is cute enough for Christmas but the pink and grey keep them from being Christmas-y so they can be worn all winter long. Plus, the sleep mask makes daytime napping easier (who am I kidding, I don’t have time for daytime naps).

My favorite things: Cozy pajamas

Polka-Dot Flannel Pajamas, JCrew – these flannel pjs are grown up without being boring. Perfect for Christmas and cold winter nights.

Graphic Jersey Sleep Shirt, Old Navy – This sleep shirt is cute and the graphic text adds a sparkly touch any girl would love. If you’re not a bare leg kind of girl (or you haven’t shaved lately because, you know, it’s winter), throw on some comfy leggings.My favorite things: Cozy pajamas

Lights Out Pajamas, Nordstrom –  how can you resist a dog wearing ear muffs, I mean really!?! These playful pjs are fun without being too juvenile (no sponge bob character pjs please).

My favorite things: Cozy pajamasEberjey Sadie Leggings and Pullover, Anthropologie –  these grown up pajamas won’t leave you embarrassed when an unexpected visitor drops by. You could probably even get away with running a quick errand (like the Starbucks drive thru) in these babies without looking completely ridiculous.My favorite things: Cozy pajamas

I’m all about comfort but that doesn’t mean I have to look like a slob. Can’t wait to snuggle up with my man in my cozy new pajamas.

What’s your pajama style?

{Sweet dreams}

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